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Digital tools
for the study of
law and politics

Images from left to right: Hanne Salonen / Finnish Parliament, Hannu Häkkinen / The Finnish Heritage Agency, Lauri Putkonen / Helsinki City Museum

What is LAWPOL?

LAWPOL is a new research infrastructure that brings together political and legal documents related to public decision-making in one place and provides digital tools for their study. 

Utilizing the existing Lakitutka.fiweb application (Lawradar) and the FINPARL corpus.the new LAWPOL portal covers the entire lifecycle of decision-making from political programs to court decisions. The research infrastructure is being developed by the Faculty of Law at the University of Turku, the Centre for Parliamentary Studies, and the Åbo Akademi Institute for Human Rights, each contributing their own specialized expertise.

LAWPOL encompasses key legal materials for the legislative process.This includes documents produced by legislators, stakeholders, and experts, EU legislation, as well as national and international case law.

The political dimension of legislation is also included.For instance, parliamentary debates, government programs, election and party manifestos reflect the political dynamics, ideologies, interests, and conflicts related to decision-making. Previously fragmented across various sources, these materials will now be consolidated under one portal.

The new digital tools provided by LAWPOL promote interdisciplinary research, transparency, and openness in political decision-making and legislation. Above all, the user-friendly interface enables the examination of large datasets without requiring in-depth knowledge of computational methods. Read more about the project...

Transparency in political decision-making and legislative preparation promotes democracy

User-friendly digital tools assist in the research of large datasets.

LAWPOL in a nutshell

For researchers, journalists, experts...and everyone!

LAWPOL especially benefits those who work at the intersection of law and politics, but the infrastructure is open to anyone interested!

Monitoring political and legal preparation

Explore the origin of laws that interest you, from the EU- level to court decisions.

Find answers and be inspired to ask new questions

Who holds power in Finland? In what ways? How are issues discussed? What trends can be observed?

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